8th Birthday Party

You’re invited to our 8th Birthday Party!

Date: 16-23 October
Time: 10am to 5pm
Where: Center Court

Its our 8th BIRTHDAY and we celebrating it with you!

Spend R1000 or more to pop a balloon and stand a chance to win an Adventure Bicycle worth R2000 OR a HP Laptop combo worth R6000

Toss the ball and bag a number to WIN your gift when you spend R500 or more

How to enter:

Purchases must be made on ONE slip to enter. E.G spend R1000 or more at one shop – on one slip – bring your slip to the center court to enter.

The same for R500 or more competition, it must be R500 at one shop – on one slip – to enter

Pop a Balloon – for every R1000 spent you will be given 2 chances to pop a balloon. Inside the balloon is a piece of paper that will tell you what you have won.

But be careful there are empty balloons which don’t hold prizes!

Toss the ball – for every R500 spent you will be given 2 chances to throw a ball into a bucket. There are 3 buckets. One will have no prizes, one will have a boo boo prize and the other one will have a grand prize to win – such as a kiddies scooter, large or medium, kiddies BMX bike or airtime. The trick is to guess which bucket holds the prize.

Terms and Conditions:

If you have a slip for R1000 you cannot enter twice into the R500 competition. R1000 slips will only be allowed to enter into the Pop a Balloon competition.

If you have 2 R500 slips you cannot put them together and enter into the R1000 (Pop a Balloon) competition, you can however enter twice into the R500 category.

Slips must show clearly the date of purchase. Dates accepted are only from the 16th to 23rd October 2019.

This competition is only open to purchases from Greater Edendale Mall Tenants.

No lay-bye slips are allowed. Not even if you are paying your last installment! No lay-byes!

For every entry you will receive FREE slice of cake

Bring your kiddies 3 to 10 yrs of age for FREE face painting between competition times

Meet our Mall mascots and gain a FREE entry into the R500 competition of tossing the ball!

If you get one of our mascots to come to the center court and play on your behalf, you will win their prize in Toss the ball.

One entry per person for the duration of the competition

Want to win a R250 voucher? Join our Facebook events page for our 8th Birthday and send us a Birthday message.

Lucky draw will take place on the 23rd October 2019 

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